Season 2 Premiere! What We Watched Over The Break!

March 15, 2021 Nightmare Feed Season 2 Episode 1
Season 2 Premiere! What We Watched Over The Break!
Show Notes

Welcome back to The Nightmare Feed!

Reed and Joe are back after taking a break over the holidays.  To kick off season 2 they are discussing what they watched over the last few months!

In This Episode:

Pale Blue Eye starring Christian Bale goes straight to Netflix

The Gates Of Chaos - In 2020, amidst the panic and confusion of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the online group Horror Writers Net tasked its most twisted and deranged minds with imagining the worst. This anthology of 20 short tales of Horror fiction is the result of their efforts. A work of passion and fear, the collection features illustrations by pen & ink artist Will Jacques, and stories by B.T. Noonan, Jesse D'Angelo, N.M. Brown, Wayne Hartshorn, Florence Ann Marlowe, Adam Michael Dodds-Wade, Brianna Van Riet, James Miles, Valkyrie Kerry, Nelson Hurley, Chris Stenson, Scott Dyson, Jim Falcon, and Rob Harman.

Returnal -  an upcoming third-person shooter psychological horror video game developed by Housemarque and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is set to be released for the PlayStation 5 on April 30, 2021.

And of course, their top picks of the week!

We hope you enjoy this return to The Nightmare Feed!